Elohi Gadugi

Elohi Gadugi is Cherokee for
“the world” (elohi) “working together in community” (gadugi).

The Mission of Elohi Gadugi:

  • to provide venues for the work of struggling writers and artists who use language as a primary aspect of their art;
  • to promote narratives of social and environmental responsibility, and intercultural understanding; and
  • to support the works by or about indigenous Americans, and other marginalized groups in the contemporary literary world.

Our Projects:

Elohi Gadugi JournalĀ  is a new online literary journal which began in June, 2012. It has received considerable attention and positive response from the literary community. The best work from the journal will be published in an annual print edition in the fall.

Readings @ Milepost 5 is a monthly reading series at Portland’s Milepost 5 artist community. Starting in October, 2011, Readings @ Milepost 5 has been a successful venue for numerous local poets and writers.

Elohi Gadugi Center for Imaginative Writing is part of a new educational series at Milepost 5. Creative Learning Studios hosts both in-house and outside writers and artists in multiple disciplines.

Note: Our publishing imprints below are on hiatus for the time being.

The Habit of Rainy Nights Press is our literary publishing imprint. Established in 2003 to publish Raising Our Voices: An Anthology of Oregon Poets Against the War, The Habit of Rainy Nights Press has gone on to publish several more fine literary books. In 2012, we published two new books, Navigation by Brittney Corrigan and Like the Sun in Storm by Ralph Salisbury.

Elohi Gadugi Books is still in development. We will publish books in the genres of mystery, thriller, speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary, young adult fiction, and traditional nonfiction. We will publish high quality work by new and first-time authors, and by authors whose books make a strong social or environmental statement.